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Sancerre Blanc 2015
I could go into rhapsodies and eulogies about this wine...
Sancerre as we all know is just the king of all Sauvignon Blancs, coupled with an outstanding year as was 2015 makes this wine just exquisite!
When I was many years younger and working as a secretary in Paris, Sancerre, which wasn't very well known at the time, opened a small shop on the Boulevard Saint Germain on the left bank in Paris so that people would get to know their wines better.
Needless to say, they sold their wine by the glass along with sandwiches made of the local goats cheese or country ham if you wanted it.
It became quite an "in" place to go at the time as the wine was so gorgeous and young and fresh and exciting!
The shop lasted about 2 years then closed. I suppose they'd got enough publicity from this project, so that was the end.
Suddenly, when I tasted the 2015 vintage, it all came back to me!
I remembered the taste of that Sancerre, the flavour of their goats cheese and the chewiness of their ham.
I am sure when you taste this wine you will have the same sort of feelings about it as I did all those years ago in Paris.
100% Sauvignon blanc grape. It is apricots and quice. Quite citrussy. Still has that gooseberry nose that is so well known in the Sauvignon grape variety. It is dry, but feels softer due to it being 2015.
It is too good to leave and very more-ish...
It's gorgeous with goats cheese, ham salads, roast chicken, in fact most white meats.
It's really just scrumptious!!!
All our wines are unoaked.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Silver medal at the Grand Agricultural Show in Paris 2016

Olly Smith's favourite wine from my stand at The 3 Wine Men Cardiff 2016:
Domaine La Gemière Sancerre White 2015
Great vintage.  Beautiful intensity, balance of citrus and peachy fruit.  Tough to find an absolutely amazing Sancerre to blow your mind for this price, but that absolutely does the job and then some.  Hats off Amanda!
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Price: £203.88