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Chinon - Esprit du Loup 2014
Remember those wines of yore, when the flavour filled the mouth, and the wine slipped down like velvet! Yes, I've decided to wax lyrical about this one as it really is quite outstanding!!!
As soon as you look at the bottle, you will see it's something different...
Something to contend with...Then the cork, yes, it is a real cork. (We don't get many of those any more.)
Then you pour the wine... black as ink!!!
The vines grow in 2 tiny plots of land on the south-western slope of the best area of Chinon.
Also, they are over 60 years old, so very Vieilles Vignes!
It shows in the wine
Then the nose... full, rich summer fruit... brambles, blackcurrants and blackberries! Yummmmm!
The richness of the wine and fullness in the feel on the mouth calls for something like Boeuf Bourguignonne or a big thick rump steak, or venison in a full rich sauce.
It calls for food... definitely a food wine...
Full, rich food... food... food...
I know you'll love it as soon as you try it!
Also, it'll bring back happy memories of your trip to the Loire, and if you haven't visited yet, then you really should do
Remember ALL my wines are totally unoaked! Including my Chinon wines
Vegetarian and vegan friendly!

You may find a small amount of residual gravel in the bottom of the bottle. It's just because it's made of grapes with just very light filtering.

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Price: £16.20