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As you open the bottle your nose is thrilled by the aromatic flavours of this tiny 2016 vintage. It is off-dry so on the back of the tongue you have the subtle flavours of honey and a hint of minerality coming through, which gives it the Vouvray typicity. The soil is clay & limestone.

As the wine airs itself in the open bottle, it takes on a rounder flavour, still keeping its freshness as if just opened.
Swirling the wine around the glass, sniffing it, you have a slightly stronger honey-ness on the nose.

This wine will match up with so many foods, but especially crudities, cuisined fish dishes, butter chicken, light cheeses especially goats cheese, all white meat and most slightly spicey dishes.
It is an easy, affordable wine which is wonderful for dinner parties!

It is also a treat for an easy, staying-at-home evening just chilling out!
Serve at 10-11°c.

The wine is lovely now and as it ages it will take on flavours of acacia honey and quince.
It will age easily up to 7 years, depending on your cellar.
The 2017 vintage will follow on this 2016 vintage. It is equally as good!!!

All our wines are totally unoaked!
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
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Price: £146.40