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Every now and then you taste something which is really off the beaten track, and which, under normal circumstances, you would not even consider, and then… it’s like… WOW!!!! 
Where can I find room for that?!!!
This is what happened to me the very first time I tasted a Chenin from Chinon. 
Chinon is ostensibly a red appellation. They do rosés too as rosé is made with red grapes... as you know.
But a red appellation rarely does a white wine. 
Then I looked it up and found that Chinon started off in the Middle Ages, well before the appellation system was started, as a white appellation.
In fact, the Kings and Queens of France in the Middle Ages drank only white wine as they considered red wine to be for the peasants (more or less). 
In the early part of the 20th century they found they could sell red wine more easily than white. So little by little the appellation changed and by the soon it was wholly red. 
Now back to the present about this wonderful, dry white:
It’s very dry. Just 2g/l residual sugar.
It is 100% Chenin. 
It is not listed within the appellation of Chinon. It is Vin de France. It is however grown right next to the appellation plots of land of the grower.
It is rare and stunning. 
The flavours come along bit by bit then Wham! 
Starting with dry and delicious, then warm and honey-like at the back of the tongue, then fills the mouth. 
The basic flavours of the Chenin grape are honey and pollen and it all comes along to greet you and finishes off with a delicate touch of walnut
Easily pairs with farmhouse cheeses, all fish dishes especially those cooked with a sauce like salmon in a white sauce, also roast chicken! 
Remember all our wines are totally UNOAKED! 
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
If you're after something rare and unusual, this crunchy, appley white Chinon is an off-the-wall treat.  Zesty and refreshing.
Tim Atkin MW London 2018 Amanda's Loire Valley Wines Domaine Bel Air The White Wolf Chenin Blanc 2017
Dry, modern Chenin!
Elegant, fresh-cut grass, honey and bee pollen. Think chomping an apple whilst lying on the spring grass next to a beehive
Tom Surgey Cardiff 2018 Amanda's Loire Valley Wines

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Price: £168.00