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  • Hello Amanda, said the grower from Sancerre, Would you like to buy some Menetou Salon? I've just done the first real harvest....
  • Yes, but you're in Sancerre...
  • I know, but my parents bought a plot of land about 30 years ago, which I planted about 4 years ago and it's just given us it's first real harvest.
  • YESSSS!!!
The guy's a really good grower and I knew that if he offered it to me then it would be good
He sent me some sample bottles and YES!!! the wine is seriously good!!!
Delightful...  a really cracking Menetou Salon!
It is a really fun wine too!
The nose is slightly flinty with pears... yes, really!
The mouth is quince and grapefruit.
It is light and fluffy, and long!
It is oh so easy to quaff!!!
Can't help thinking of lazy days in the garden or terrace in summer.
Goats cheese, fish and chips, seafood platter, tapas, white meat, etc.
It is really just gorgeous!
Of course it is UNOAKED like all my wines
AND.... good for vegetarians and vegans too!!!
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Price: £191.88