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Discover Touraine Unoaked REDS 2005
  • 4 bottles Touraine Gamay 2005
  • 4 bottles Touraine Cabernet 2005
  • 4 bottles Touraine Côt 2005


  • Touraine Gamay

    The lightest in flavour of all the reds, the Gamay is full of summer strawberries and is slightly flinty, giving a lengthy flavour. Drink with fairly light meals, such as roast chicken, pork fillets and pasta dishes. (Alcohol 14%)

  • Touraine Cabernet

    A selected blend of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a very popular wine redolent of blackberries and redcurrants. A must-have with a Sunday leg of lamb, as well as salad, cows cheese and ewes cheese. (Alcohol 12%)


  •  Touraine Côt


    The strongest in flavour of all the wines, tasting of morello cherries and sometimes horse leather. Drink with game, red meat, and strong smelly cheeses. (Alcohol 12%)

2005 is still THE year of the century so far! (2009 is the runner-up)
All our wines are totally unoaked!
All suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Just 2 cases left.... when it's gone... it's gone!
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Price: £188.28