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Arbois "La Pieuse" 2011

This stunning Arbois is just coming into it's own. Although it is still young, it is a very easy kind of quaff. It has already started to have that soft feel of honey around the edges. It is little green pears and honey BUT it will always be bone dry.

It is soft on the palate and easy. It matches gourmet fish dishes in a cream/butter wine sauce. Think of sole meunière - that sort of dish is just lovely with this wine... and it will last well!

This grape variety is cousin to the Chenin Blanc grape and the characteristics are very similar. So it will take on the honey and pollen overtones more and more for about 3 or 4 more years. But it will always be bone dry!

Needs to breathe for at least 1/2 an hour before consuming. Open well in advance. Put the cork back and keep in the door of the fridge till you're ready.

At The 3 Wine Men Show 2014 Oz Clarke said that it was a very different wine, with overtones of little green pears and Spanish peppers. Soft and polleny. Taste the "Terroir"

A delightful alternative to Sauvignon Blanc

All our wines are totally UNOAKED!

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Oz Clarke's favourite wine from my stand at The 3 Wine Men, London 2016:
Domaine du Prieuré Arbois La Pieuse 2011
Want to try what is possibly France's rarest grape?  The lovely, leafy, lemony Arbois is it.
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