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Côt (Malbec) de Touraine 2007
This was a year for easy sipping reds.
In character, it could almost be likened to Pinot Noir... it really is that light!

It is a wonderful late summer/autumn quaff, rusty autumn leaves outside under a bright autumn sun, fire burning inside to keep out the cold.
Alternatively, early Spring when you're just thinking you want something a little bit lighter than a heavy, wintery red.
That is this Côt! (or Malbec - it is the same grape variety)

So just to differentiate between the 2005 and the 2007, this one is so much lighter and so easier to match with lots of dishes.
The flavour of the grape is morello cherries. This wine is bone-dry.
Delightful with cold roast beef and salads in the summer.
Warming soups in winter and most red meat or farmhouse cheese, especially goats cheese.
You can consume it cool if you like but not cold.
It is definitely a food wine!

All our wines are totally unoaked!

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
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Price: £135.00