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Meet the growers

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Les Vaucorneilles

Loire Valley, France

The Touraine-Mesland is a minute appellation on the right bank of the Loire about 15 kms down river from Blois.
The monks of the Abbey of Marmoutier near Tours gave great importance to Mesland by building a priory there.
It's winemaking tradition dates back to the 11th century.
Christine and Gilles have 11 hectares of vines and raise their wines with strict observations of the living environment. Like most growers in the region, their wines are unoaked. Their whites are a blend of Chardonnay and Chenin; their roses are made from the Gamay grape, and their reds are a blend of Gamay, Cabernet and Cot grapes.
Mesland (pronounced Melung)-Touraine

Mesland Unoaked Red 2005 

Try it with the Sunday roast or a mansize steak!

Sold in cases of 12 bottles
Alcohol Percentage - 13.5%
£199.56 per case (£16.63 per bottle)
Sold per bottle
Alcohol Percentage - 13.5%
£16.63 per bottle  
Sold in cases of 6 bottles
Alcohol Percentage - 13.5%
£99.78 per case (£16.63 per bottle)
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