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Meet the growers

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Domaine "La Gemière", Millet family
Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

Way up high, on the slopes of the 7 hills of Sancerre, the Millet family can be found. They work together as a family and and raise their wines with pride.

Daniel and Josette Millet are 4th generation wine growers. Now their two sons Sébastien and Nicolas perpetuate the tradition of working the family's 19 hectares with profound respect for their terroirs.

As Sébastien says, "Because the terroir makes the wine, we vinify each parcel individually respecting the typicity of the soil. Through careful blending we are able to obtain the finest balance of supple and fruity wines" and they do! Their wines are a dream. The white is floral and fruity and the red is strong and full-bodied.


Sancerre Blanc 2015 
Image Unavailable
It's delightful with goats cheese, ham salads, roast chicken, in fact most white meats.

It's really just scrumptious!!!

Sold in cases of 12 bottles
Alcohol Percentage - 12.5%
£198.00 per case (£16.50 per bottle)
Sold in cases of 6 bottles
Alcohol Percentage - 12.5%
£99.00 per case (£16.50 per bottle)
Sold per bottle
Alcohol Percentage - 12.5%
£16.50 per bottle  
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