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Meet the growers

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La Chevallerie

St. Nicolas de Bourgueil, Loire Valley, France


Way up on the top of the cliffs leading down to the Loire River are the vineyards of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil overlooking Chinon on the other side of the River. The air is soft and warm and the vines, even in late Autumn, have a warmth about them that makes you understand just how that terroir makes such wonderful wines.

Gaëtan Bruneau is the 5th generation of this charming vineyard founded in 1880. He is young and ambitious and wants you to love his wines - which are gorgeous!

All the wines are 100% Cabernet Franc which is the grape variety of the Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil appellation. His old vines date back to just after the war.

St. Nicolas de Bourgueil (pronouced Bor-gher-yi)

St. Nicolas de Bourgueil - Red 2016 

Pairs beautifully with any lamb dish, but just imagine it with meze, kleftico, lamb & potato pie, mulligatawny soup, the list is endless

Sold in cases of 12 bottles
Alcohol Percentage - 12.5%
£150.00 per case (£12.50 per bottle)
Sold in cases of 6 bottles
Alcohol Percentage - 12.5%
£75.00 per case (£12.50 per bottle)
Sold per bottle
Alcohol Percentage - 12.5%
£12.50 per bottle  
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