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Meet the growers

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Domaine Chauveau,

Pouilly Fumé, Loire Valley, France


As is so often the case, they come from a long line of winegrowers, vignerons, in France.

Pouilly Fumé is 100% Sauvignon Blanc and is the only varietal under the Pouilly Fumé appellation. For this reason, it is just stunning. The river Loire runs between the town of Pouilly Fumé and Sancerre, and from a global point of view this means the two are very similar... BUT the difference is in the tasting!

Domaine Chauveau continues to make their wines in the way that Pouilly Fumé has always been made with just a touch of the hat to modern viniculture. They have a very modern cellar while taking care to raise the wines traditional way of the Pouilly Fumé appellation.

Domaine Chauveau is based opposite Sancerre just on the other side of the river Loire. They are small to medium sized, altogether totally about 15 hectares of vines.

The average age of their vines is 30-40 years, with the livelier cuvées being somewhat younger at just 15 years old.

I remember when I was about 28 being taken out for a meal in a very staid, traditional restaurant in London, St James. That was when I first discovered, and totally fell in love with, Pouilly Fumé!

Pouilly Fumé

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