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Vouvray Sparkling - Medium/Dry   

Of all the crémants and sparkling wines in the Loire Valley, the small appellation of Vouvray probably make the very best.

This off-dry sparkling is full of fun, great at any time, any occasion, and oh-so easy to drink. As you sip it, it is dry at the beginning and then you can savour the flavours of quince and apricots on the back of the tongue. In a sparkling wine this is so totally new and wonderful.

If you like something smoother for cocktails try it as an aperitif accompanied by cashew nuts and spicy olives.

At the end of a meal it matches all sorts of easy desserts such as apple pie, apricot pie, vanilla mousse, etc.

All our wines are totally unoaked.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegan.

Fizz & Crémants (white, rosé & red)  
White - Chenin Blanc

Domaine de la Racauderie
Sold in cases of 12 bottles
Alcohol Percentage - 12%
£179.88 per case (£14.99 per bottle)
Sold in cases of 6 bottles
Alcohol Percentage - 12%
£89.94 per case (£14.99 per bottle3)
Sold by the bottle
Alcohol Percentage - 12%
£14.99 per bottle


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