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St. Nicolas de Bourgueil - Red  2016 
This gorgeous wine from the 2016 vintage is so yummy and it'll just get better and better. It is stilll quite young for a Cab Franc so patience is a virtue here. 
100% Cabernet Franc. When you first look at the glass of wine you know you are going to love it - Intense...!
The nose is powerful in it's complexity. Fruity!
This wonderful cuvée is chocabloc full of rich red summer fruit. Cherries and raspberries just fill the mouth and refuse to go away!
Of course it will pair beautifully with any lamb dish starting with the Sunday roast leg of lamb, but just imagine it with meze, kleftico, lamb & potato pie, mulligatawny soup, the list is endless.  
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
All our wines are totally unoaked!
Bronze Medal in the Agricultural Show Paris 2017! 
Bronze Medal in the Ligers Vins de Val de Loire 2017! 


St. Nicolas de Bourgueil (pronouced Bor-gher-yi)  
Red - Cabernet Franc

La Chevallerie
Sold in cases of 12 bottles
Alcohol Percentage - 12.5%
£150.00 per case (£12.50 per bottle)
Sold in cases of 6 bottles
Alcohol Percentage - 12.5%
£75.00 per case (£12.50 per bottle3)
Sold by the bottle
Alcohol Percentage - 12.5%
£12.50 per bottle


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