Wines with soul…

Delicious French wines from small independent wine growers in the Loire Valley, France, delivered direct to your door in the UK.

The growers – many of whom have a connection with the land dating back centuries – make these wines in relatively small quantities.

The wines are raised year by year according to the characteristics of the climate. All our growers manage their vines using sustainable agriculture.

Our wines are totally unoaked. After harvesting, the wines are raised in tanks, then bottled.  95% of our customers now prefer unoaked saying the wines are so “clean tasting”.

Please take a look through this website where you will find a superb range of beautiful, unoaked wines at very affordable prices.

Crisp & fresh flavours, perfect for pairing with strong food flavours

Deep, intense flavours. For relaxed, long dining experiences

Fruity & often light, our rosé collection is a perfect gift

The classic choice for celebrations, toasting & sharing


Hand-picked favourites