HOW TO PRESERVE WINE to the very last drop!

We all know what it is like to open a really nice bottle of wine for dinner and suddenly – at the end of dinner – there are a few glasses left in the bottle.

What to do?

Drink it?

Yes, but then we feel guilty. We are constantly being bamboozled at the moment that we all drink too much.

Do we care?

Actually… yes!

If it is going to make a difference, we prefer not to have to drink it and definitely NOT to throw it away!

The thing to do is put the cork (any cork will do, as long as it is airtight) back in the bottle and stand the bottle in the DOOR OF THE FRIDGE.

Red wine too!

With red wine, before you finish it off, remember to take the bottle out of the fridge at least half an hour beforehand so that it warms up to room temperature.

What if there is only 1 glass left?

Pour it into a glass, put a piece of “clingfilm” on it. Make sure it is totally airtight. Put it in the fridge.

The fridge will give you a day or two extra to drink it. Wouldn’t it have been a waste to throw it away?!

What about storing bottles before they are opened?

Always keep bottles lying down in a cool, dark place. Well away from fridges, freezers, hot water or central heating systems and pipes.

The back of the shoe cupboard is usually a very good place.

The better quality the wine, the longer it will last, both in the shoe cupboard as well as in the fridge once opened.

The wines at AmandasWines (our wines at a glance) are only of the best quality.

Remember to always buy quality wines. This does not mean they are the most famous or expensive wines.