Meet The Growers

Our wines are sourced from local wine growers in the Loire Valley, France. Many of the growers come from families that have worked the land for generations, producing wine for local residents to enjoy. We invite you to meet our growers.

Domaine la Gemière

Crézancy en Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

Appellation:  Sancerre

Way up high, on one of the slopes of the 7 hills of Sancerre, the Millet family can be found. They work together as a family and and raise their wines with pride.

Daniel and Josette Millet are 4th generation wine growers. Now their two sons Sébastien and Nicolas perpetuate the tradition of working the family’s 19 hectares with profound respect for their terroirs.

As Sébastien says, “Because the terroir makes the wine, we vinify each plot individually respecting the typicity of the soil. Through careful blending we are able to obtain the finest balance of supple and fruity wines” and they do! Their wines are a dream. The white is floral and fruity and the red is strong and full-bodied.

Domaine de la Racauderie

Vouvray, Loire Valley, France

Appellation:  Vouvray

High up on the plateau behind Vouvray, where all you can hear are the cries of the buzzards and small eagles, is the Gautier vineyard.
It has been in the family, passed from father to son, since 1669!
Jean-Michel took over half the family vineyard in 1995 and raises the vines with special care, in accord with the Agriculture Raisonnée label.

The vineyard boasts a wonderful corridor of several kilometers of caves hewn out of the tufa stone behind the tasting room which is where he stores his wines.

He has 15 hectares of vines planted with Chenin Blanc. The average age of his vines is 25 years.
He vinifies dry, semi-dry and sweet wines as well as sparkling wines.

The Vouvray vineyard is one of the oldest on record attributed to St. Martin, going back as far as 600 ad.
The Vouvray appellation  is 100% Chenin Blanc.
This means the wines age extremely well – anything up to 15 years depending on the vintage. Outstanding vintages will age much longer, as much as 40 years.
When young the flavours are honey and pollen.
When aged the flavours take on an acacia honey and quince flavour.

Domaine de la Guilloterie

Saumur, Loire Valley, France

Appellation:  Saumur and Saumur Champigny

Patrice and Rémy Duveau, father and son, are 3rd generation wine-growers in the middle of the Saumur Champigny appellation in the shadow of the charming chateau.
They tend the vines taking great care of the environment and raise the wines according to the strict rules of that particular appellation.

Domaine du Prieuré

Valaire, Loire Valley, France

Appellation: Touraine

Jean-Marc comes from a long line of wine-growers and producers: his winegrowing business has been in the family since 1720.
To this day, Jean-Marc makes his wines in the traditional manner of his ancestors, entirely by hand.

Jean-Marc tends his vines with the greatest respect for the soil, the insects, flora and fauna.
When the wines are ready, they are bottled straight from the cuve to preserve the authentic flavours of the fruit and the soil.

La Chevallerie

St. Nicolas de Bourgueil, Loire Valley, France

Appellation: St. Nicolas de Bourgueil (pronouced Bor-gher-yi)

Way up on the top of the cliffs leading down to the Loire River are the vineyards of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil overlooking Chinon on the other side of the River. The air is soft and warm and the vines, even in late Autumn, have a warmth about them that makes you understand just how that terroir makes such wonderful wines.

Gaëtan Bruneau is the 5th generation of this charming vineyard founded in 1880. He is young and ambitious and wants you to love his wines – which are gorgeous!

All the wines are 100% Cabernet Franc which is the sole grape variety of the Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil appellation. His old vines date back to just after the war.

Les Vaucorneilles

Touraine-Mesland, Loire Valley, France

Appellation: Mesland-Touraine

The Touraine-Mesland is a minute appellation on the right bank of the Loire about 15 kms down river from Blois.
The monks of the Abbey of Marmoutier near Tours gave great importance to Mesland by building a priory there.
It’s winemaking tradition dates back to the 11th century.
Christine and Gilles have 11 hectares of vines and raise their wines with strict observations of the living environment. Like most growers in the region, their wines are unoaked. Their whites are a blend of Chardonnay and Chenin; their roses are made from the Gamay grape, and their reds are a blend of Gamay, Cabernet and Cot grapes.

Domaine de Marcé

Oisly, Loire Valley, France

Appellation: Touraine and Touraine Oisly

In the county of the Loir et Cher (41), on a vast plateau between two rivers, right next to the Château de Cheverny, a few minutes from Blois and just 30km from the majestic Château de Chambord, Domaine de Marcé is in Oisly.

Located in the Touraine appellation area, his very distinctive Sauvignon (Touraine and Touraine Oisly) is known far beyond the hexagon of France.

The pretty gently sloping hillsides, facing the rising sun and its mild climate, Oisly’s great specificity lies in its soil made up of fine sand on a layer of clay.

The sand brings finesse, elegance and suppleness.

The clay retains water and thus avoids the water stress of summer. It brings depth and substance.

The Domaine has 35 hectares of vines, 80% white and 20% red