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Domaine de Bel Air



Alcohol %



Degree of Sweetness

Bone dry: 0g/1L

Chinon has been a long time coming to my website due to the fact that my memories of Chinon wine from 30 years ago did not match what I was tasting.
Then I tasted this Chinon…
Wow – Everything changed for me!
Jean-Louis raises his wines in the most traditional manner imaginable and it comes through in his wines.
Visually it’s fun! the label on the bottle has an imprint of a wolf’s paw in a wine glass to bring attention to the name of the plot of vines. The Wolves Gully… Nice name! Nice label!
Then, the colour of the wine is warm and rich.
The nose is full of summer fruit, raspberries, redcurrants, plums, etc.
It’s an easy quaff and keeps its nose and flavour right to the end of the bottle.
It is delightful with most meat dishes, and tapas!
Some people might want to chill the wine very slightly. I wouldn’t.
The age of the vines on average is 45 years and you don’t want to upset them at that stage.
But try it, by all means, if you’d like to…
This is a traditional Chinon with all the flavour you’d expect from that.
Like all our wines it is totally unoaked
Vegetarian and vegan friendly!

You may find some residual gravel in the bottom of the bottle. It’s just because it’s made of grapes with very light filtering.

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