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Domaine de la Guilloterie


Crémant and Méthode Traditionnelles (All), Vin de France (Méthode Traditionnelle)

Alcohol %



Degree of Sweetness

Medium: 30-50g/1L

This astonishing medium-dry red Sparkling wine from the Saumur region is something that you don’t find very often.
It is truly delightful to the taste buds as well as totally unexpected.In essence, traditionally, it is for aperitifs, cocktails and receptions.

Made 100% with the Cabernet Franc grape which is quite a tannic grape variety, the flavours of raspberries and blackcurrents come through and fill the mouth.

With a gentle fizz in the background it is perfectly balanced with 49 gr/L residual fructose.

Very much a medium-dry wine on the sweeter end of the scale.

In fact, it is a pure delight throughout the whole meal.
Especially barbecue lunch with grills and salads.
Grilled pork chops, chicken wings and lamb chops too.
It is just lovely throughout.
It makes a change from a still red wine, and is as light as a feather!


Because it is medium-dry (the sweeter end of the scale at 48g/1L) it can be paired with lots of different desserts too including trifle AND cranachan! Not many sparklers can be paired with trifle. Also strawberry and raspberry tart and custard. Even ice-cream!!!

It needs to be opened a few minutes in advance.
You do not want to lose the bubbles so better to put a stopper for sparkling wines on it.
Serve well chilled from the fridge. 8°-10°.


Joyful, medium-dry sparkler with juicy cherry and raspberry, lots of lively bubbles and a cleverly balanced sweet hint. One for chocolate cakes and summer barbecues!

Susy Atkins, wine critic and writer, 24/11/2020


Domaine de la Guilloterie Sparking Red Fizz – Medium-Dry red fizz: Fruity, vibrant, refreshing and gorgeous.  Such a treat with turkey and cranberry sauce.
Olly Smith, wine critic and writer, December 2015


Perfect wine pairing – Scotts cranachan & red samur fizz. Fab! One for your list next yr . Your ideas always good!


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