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Domaine "La Gemière", Millet family



Alcohol %



Degree of Sweetness

Very dry: 1-2g/1L

This is such a cracking rosé!

Just when you are thinking that you know all about rosés, well, you haven’t yet tried a Sancerre rosé!

Made only from the Pinot Noir grape, it is bone-dry and fruity at the same time plus a little bit flinty.
It’s nose is like peardrops (remember those?) Also, a bit floral – roses and peonies.
A bone-dry fruit cup of strawberries and raspberries, plus a smidgeon of peardrops too!

It is really quite a delightful wine for barbecues.

Pair with sausages, grilled chicken or duck, in fact anything you feel like grilling is good.
Also with complicated salads.

Even if its bucketing outside, it feels suddenly sunny with this rosé!

Serve well chilled. 10°-12°

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Sancerre Rosé 2019, Domaine la Gemière

Another new vintage, and a sprightly and vibrant pink Sancerre made from 100% pinot noir. It has floral hints in the aroma, an attractive red berries and fresh pear flavour, and a tangy dry finish. Sip it on its own al fresco this Spring/Summer or try it with light chicken and duck dishes, ham salads, salty spreads like tapenade or tomato couscous.

Susy Atkins 14.2.2021


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