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Alcohol %




Domaine "La Gemière", Millet family

Degree of Sweetness

Very dry: 1-2g/1L




This new 2020 vintage is probably the last of the absolutely outstanding vintages that we will have had in the Loire Valley, and other parts of France, since 2014.

7 years of outstanding vintages is just amazing! You’ll be able to tell your grandchildren about this in time.

This Sancerre keeps the elegance that we all know and love so well in Sancerre and it stands to attention just like it should.

100% Sauvignon blanc grape. This is definitely a food wine for the time being. It will become smoother over the next few months.

Goes really well with all fishy dishes, you know… oysters, prawns, scampi, grilled barbecued fish…

It’s also really gorgeous with goats cheese, ham salads, roast chicken, in fact most white meats.

It’s really just scrumptious!!!

All our wines are unoaked.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


La Gemiere Sancerre 2020:

The new vintage of this fine Sancerre is refreshing and elegant, with plenty of lively fruit flavours, including softer melon and pear alongside crisper lemon and apple. There’s a mineral streak and just a touch of almond to it too. Bone-dry, it will suit many seafood and white fish dishes as well as lemony-dressed salads and goat’s cheese.

Susy Atkins, wine critic and writer, November 2021

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