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Bone dry: 0g/1L

Of all the rosés that I have tasted recently I must say that this one is the most pleasant in very hot weather.

We have been tasting so many recently, and although I am aware that many people like an off-dry or even medium rosé, I am afraid that is not for me.

Give me bone dry any day…

(for those in the know, that is 0g/1L)

Rosé has become really quite important in France, and I can see that this is about to happen over in the UK also.

It is not just a matter of change in the climate, although I must say that very warm weather really lends itself to rosé, but in the summer… and autumn too, the flavours seem to match just about everything you want to cook on a barbecue

… and more

This is young and rosé needs to be young.

Made 100% of the Cabernet Franc grape it is a very easy quaff at any time.

It is perfumed with roses and blackcurrants.

Just delightful!!!

Remember all our wines are totally unoaked!

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Whistle-clean, bone-dry, refined and très elegant. Red berries mingle with a little light cassis. Enjoy it on its own or with light, cold seafood dishes.

Susy Atkins, wine critic and writer

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