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Domaine de la Guilloterie



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Degree of Sweetness

Bone dry: 0g/1L

I get to taste many wines. I also taste the same wines from different vintages very often.

So, when I went along to the grower to taste the new wines, I did not realise that I was about to be… WOWED!

It happens when there is a stream of stunning vintages. There have been 6 stunning vintages some more stunning than other, but nevertheless stunning.

So, I lined up the wines and as soon as I put my nose into the glass of this wine, I just knew it would be extraordinary!!!

Initially, it is honey and pollen. Bone dry. Then, when the wine hits the tastebuds, it is pure butter!!!

Yes, it is rich! It is that rich!!!

I’m thinking about matching it with Dover sole in a cream sauce. Vegetable gratin. Asparagus in a cream sauce. Chicken dishes, and even some lightly spiced dishes (but only lightly spiced!)

A delicious glass of wine for Autumn evening and drinks around the fire…

All our wines are totally UNOAKED

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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