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Domaine du Prieuré, Jean-Marc Gallou


Touraine (still)

Alcohol %



Degree of Sweetness

Bone dry: 0g/1L

Delightful bouquet of raspberries and blackcurrants, this Cabernet has loads of fruit supported by elegant, soft structured tannins, this is a must-have with all lamb and white meat dishes.
A very versatile wine which will go with loads of dishes especially the Sunday roast. If you are in doubt as to which type of red wine to serve, this Cabernet will be the ticket!
Awarded a Gold Star by Oz Clarke in 2008 at The Wine Show!
At The 3 Wine Men 2014 Oz Clarke tasted it again and was overawed by the structured tannins, and the total taste of TERROIR. The fruit of the vines is prevalent as is the picture of the landscape where the vines are grown. He said it will last at least a further 10 years. What a wonderful quaff!
In fact, we re-tasted this last summer, 2018, and WOW!
This is real WOW factor for a wine which was always superb, then suddenly went mute!
(Has that ever happened to you? A gorgeous wine stops talking to you while it is aging)
Now it is just fabulous!!!
Of course, it is no young chicken, nearly 15 years old and will beat all the newer wines hands-down…
You can buy this wine all year round, but Christmas is particularly good.
2005 was a stunning year anyway.
It is full-bodied and ripe with black summer fruit.
You really should give it a go!!!
All our wines are totally unoaked!
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

“I remember tasting this wine with Amanda 10 years ago – it was fabulously fresh and powerful then.
Now it’s still a beauty, with the irresistible extra graphite and undergrowth perfume of
another 10 years lived in the calm serenity of Amanda’s cellar”

Oz Clarke; Three Wine Men, December 2019

Sweetness Rating

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