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TOURAINE COT(Malbec) 2011




Domaine du Prieuré, Jean-Marc Gallou


Touraine (still)

Alcohol %

Degree of Sweetness

Bone dry: 0g/1L



Jean-Marc Gallou has done it again – he has made the most wonderful Côt!
2011 was a piping hot year in the spring and the Côt has just loved it.It is just coming of age and is just beginning to find the fruit at the back of the tongue.

Very soon it will be just lovely, maybe even for Christmas this year.

Even so, it is still lovely and needs very much to be matched with food.

You must think of a huge steak, or venison, or duck.
It also loves strong, smelly cheeses – adores goats cheese!
(Sometimes doctors tell patients with heart problems to have a small glass of a very tannic wine. This would be suitable)It is definitely a food wine!All our wines are totally unoaked!Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Sweetness Rating

Number of bottles


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