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Domaine de Marcé


Touraine (still)

Alcohol %



Degree of Sweetness

Bone dry: 0g/1L

Every now and then you come across a really stunning wine so typical of itself!
I know it sounds strange but it really is that typical…
Gamay is a light red wine grape, about as light as Pinot Noir… so you see what I am getting at.
The Touraine gamay is not as well known as the Beaujolais gamay, same grape, very different flavours!!!
A Touraine gamay is far more flinty for starters!
The nose is crushed strawberries. The length of the wine is loooong… you can keep on tasting it until… the next gulp!
Because it is so light and easy it is a great Summertime quaff but also for those who do not like heavy wines.
  • Going into summer the barbecue season comes to mind,
  • Also, the Tapas season with lots of friends to share them
  • Also, vegetarians and vegans who don’t like heavy wines with delicately flavoured veggie dishes
  • It can also be chilled slightly (probably the only varietal along with Pinot Noir which likes to be slightly chilled)
An incredibly good all-rounder!
TOTALLY UNOAKED (like all our wines)
Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Sweetness Rating

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