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Domaine de Marcé


Crémant and Méthode Traditionnelles (All), Touraine (Méthode Traditionnelle)

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Degree of Sweetness

BRUT, Off-dry: 6-14g/1L

This delightful sparkling rosé is just gorgeous! It tickles the tongue with the tiny little bubbles and then the flavour is of raspberries tinged with cherries.
It is dry, soft and fruity. It is “BRUT”
The Cabernet, which is about 90%, gives it the raspberries and the Côt gives it the cherries.
It can be used for all fun occasions, or just for you to have some for yourself because you feel like it!!!
Pairs beautifully with tapas, cold cuts, salamis and bits with cream cheese.
The methode traditionnelle sparkling wines are made in exactly the same way that Champagnes are made. The grapes are different.

A gorgeous méthode traditionnelle pink sparkler, full of red berries, especially raspberries and cherries, fully fruity but dry on the finish. It’s made from a blend of Cabernet with a small amount of cot (aka malbec) and makes a fine partner for charcuterie like Parma ham and salami, as well as Spanish tapas dishes like ham croquetas, roast red peppers and prawns fried in olive oil. Or just pop it open for a celebration!

Susy Atkins 14.2.2021

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