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Domaine de la Racauderie


Vouvray (still)

Alcohol %



Degree of Sweetness

Sweet: 50 -100g/1L


The Chenin grape is probably the most versatile in the world. It makes wonderfully light dry wines, astounding medium-dry wines, and the most sumptuous sweet pudding wines!
This Vouvray Sweet is very sweet although not in the least “tacky”.

It has just 80 grams of residual fructose. My previous sweet wine from the same grower was far higher but the stunning 2018 vintage brings so much extra oomph to it.

It leaves your mouth feeling like having just one more sip. Just to make sure…

Open this wine in advance, preferably a few hours beforehand, so that the wine can breathe well. Fill your mouth with the subtle flavours of honey, pollen, apricots & cream. Feel how the wine launches forth to match the desserts you have made for it. Marvellous with trifle. Wonderful with strawberry mousse and custard creams… and, of course, Christmas pudding!

You can also drink it as a cocktail for a change.
Half used bottles will keep well in the door of the fridge. Just put the stopper back in.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegan


Great to taste a sweet chenin with some maturity but it’s still got loads of life! Honeycomb and barley-sugar here with apricot and citrus peel. Chill to sip it with a fine tarte tatin or try it with a blue cheese like Roquefort.

Susy Atkins, wine critic and writer, 16/6/2020



Sweetness Rating

Number of bottles


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