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  • Chinon has been a long time coming to my website due to the fact that my memories of Chinon wine from 30 years ago did not match what I was tasting.
    Then I tasted this Chinon...
    Wow - Everything changed for me!
    Jean-Louis raises his wines in the most traditional manner imaginable and it comes through in his wines.
    Visually it's fun! the label on the bottle has an imprint of a wolf's paw in a wine glass to bring attention to the name of the plot of vines. The Wolves Gully... Nice name! Nice label!
    Then, the colour of the wine is warm and rich.
    The nose is full of summer fruit, raspberries, redcurrants, plums, etc.
    It's an easy quaff and keeps its nose and flavour right to the end of the bottle.
    It is delightful with most meat dishes, and tapas!
    Some people might want to chill the wine very slightly. I wouldn't.
    The age of the vines on average is 45 years and you don't want to upset them at that stage.
    But try it, by all means, if you'd like to...
    This is a traditional Chinon with all the flavour you'd expect from that.
    Like all our wines it is totally unoaked
    Vegetarian and vegan friendly!
    You may find some residual gravel in the bottom of the bottle. It's just because it's made of grapes with very light filtering.
  • Every now and then you want to open a reliable bottle of white Crémant that is as simple as it comes and that you don't have to think about - you just want to enjoy! This is it! It doesn't  pretend to be anything it isn't. It is very dry! "BRUT" Tiny bubbles!
    Very clear in colour, and Oh So easy to sip!
    It's mainly the Chenin blanc varietal with just a touch of chardonnay to give that little bit extra, a smoothness that you can feel. The Chenin gives it a touch of honey in the back of the mouth, remember though that it is really dry!
    You can quaff it at any reception, celebration, dinner party, or just because you feel like having a glass of bubbly yourself! It is just gorgeous...  
    This crisp, dry, elegant crémant has an apple bite with lemony and light toasty hints; delicious on its own as a celebration sparkler or match with savoury pastry canapés and seafood/white fish starters. Susy Atkins, wine critic and writer, 24/11/2020
    "Lemon/lime sherbet aromas, hint white pepper; a dry crisp and refreshing crémant."
    Susy Atkins; Three Wine Men, December 2019
  • The silky, satin tones of raspberries, blackberries and violets in this exquisite red wine bring out the best qualities of artisan winemaking.
    Bags of fruit and body! Gilles excelled himself in making this wine. The blend of these 3 gorgeous grape varieties fills the mouth, the gamay in the beginning, then the cabernet, and last of all the côt.Try it with the Sunday roast or a mansize steak!Consume at room temperature.
    Just 6 bottles left!
    Gold medal winner in the county wine competition in March 2007.
    All our wines are unoaked.
    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
    "The Touraine Mesland Tradition Red 2005 is a marvellous blend of youth and maturity, raspberry fruit washed over pebbles with rock dust. Any barrel aging would have spoilt it." Oz Clarke, November 2015
  • This astonishing medium-dry red Sparkling wine from the Saumur region is something that you don't find very often. It is truly delightful to the taste buds as well as totally unexpected.In essence, traditionally, it is for aperitifs, cocktails and receptions. Made 100% with the Cabernet Franc grape which is quite a tannic grape variety, the flavours of raspberries and blackcurrents come through and fill the mouth. With a gentle fizz in the background it is perfectly balanced with 49 gr/L residual fructose. Very much a medium-dry wine on the sweeter end of the scale. In fact, it is a pure delight throughout the whole meal. Especially barbecue lunch with grills and salads. Grilled pork chops, chicken wings and lamb chops too. It is just lovely throughout. It makes a change from a still red wine, and is as light as a feather!   Because it is medium-dry (the sweeter end of the scale at 48g/1L) it can be paired with lots of different desserts too including trifle AND cranachan! Not many sparklers can be paired with trifle. Also strawberry and raspberry tart and custard. Even ice-cream!!! It needs to be opened a few minutes in advance. You do not want to lose the bubbles so better to put a stopper for sparkling wines on it. Serve well chilled from the fridge. 8°-10°.   Joyful, medium-dry sparkler with juicy cherry and raspberry, lots of lively bubbles and a cleverly balanced sweet hint. One for chocolate cakes and summer barbecues! Susy Atkins, wine critic and writer, 24/11/2020   Domaine de la Guilloterie Sparking Red Fizz - Medium-Dry red fizz: Fruity, vibrant, refreshing and gorgeous.  Such a treat with turkey and cranberry sauce. Olly Smith, wine critic and writer, December 2015   Perfect wine pairing - Scotts cranachan & red samur fizz. Fab! One for your list next yr . Your ideas always good!  
  • Just a delightful Pinot Noir from this wonderful winegrower who makes the most marvellous wines from his small vineyard.
    The Sancerre red is a perfect example of unoaked Pinot noir.
    The colour is ruby red verging on brick.
    The nose is definitely Pinot! Cherries and sometimes almondy including some more earthy smells of mushrooms and wet leaves!
    The flavours match and therefore it's a pure delight with nutty flavoured cheeses like gruyère, comté, and some of the Pyrenees ewes cheeses such as Manchego.
    Pairs with chicken, duck, pork and fish... and of course mushrooms!
    Try it out with Chinese pork and chicken dishes
    ... and nut cutlets!!!
    It's considered to be the healthiest grape variety due to the tannins about which they say the resveratrol preserves us from heart attacks and other cholestrol-linked medical problems.
    I need to say, however, that there is absolutely no scientific proof of this.
    In the meantime, it is really rather a nice summertime quaff!
    Especially slightly chilled...!!!!
    Totally UNOAKED as are all my wines
    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • This is such a cracking rosé! Just when you are thinking that you know all about rosés, well, you haven't yet tried a Sancerre rosé! Made only from the Pinot Noir grape, it is bone-dry and fruity at the same time plus a little bit flinty. It's nose is like peardrops (remember those?) Also, a bit floral - roses and peonies. A bone-dry fruit cup of strawberries and raspberries, plus a smidgeon of peardrops too! It is really quite a delightful wine for barbecues. Pair with sausages, grilled chicken or duck, in fact anything you feel like grilling is good. Also with complicated salads. Even if its bucketing outside, it feels suddenly sunny with this rosé! Serve well chilled. 10°-12° Suitable for vegetarians and vegans   Sancerre Rosé 2019, Domaine la Gemière Another new vintage, and a sprightly and vibrant pink Sancerre made from 100% pinot noir. It has floral hints in the aroma, an attractive red berries and fresh pear flavour, and a tangy dry finish. Sip it on its own al fresco this Spring/Summer or try it with light chicken and duck dishes, ham salads, salty spreads like tapenade or tomato couscous. Susy Atkins 14.2.2021
  •   I could go into rhapsodies and eulogies about this wine... Sancerre as we all know is just the king of all Sauvignon Blancs,and this wine just exquisite! This particular vintage is somewhat softer than the 2017 or 2018 ones. It is very smoothe on the palate. 100% Sauvignon blanc grape. It is apricots and quince. Quite citrussy. Still has that gooseberry nose that is so well known in the Sauvignon grape variety. It is bone dry. It is too good to leave and very more-ish... Goes really well with all fishy dishes, you know... oysters, prawns, scampi, grilled barbecued fish... It's also really gorgeous with goats cheese, ham salads, roast chicken, in fact most white meats. It's really just scrumptious!!! All our wines are unoaked. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.   This vintage is slightly riper and softer than some Sancerres, while still displaying the clean and pure lemon and fresh gooseberry so typical of sauvignon blanc. There are subtle hints of quince and almonds. One of the very best matches in the world for seafood, especially oysters and delicate white fish and do try it with the classic match of fresh goat's cheese. Susy Atkins, wine critic and writer, 14.2.2021   Lovely Sancerre, with crystal-clear, focussed streaks of citrus, especially lemon, and a delightful pear flavour. Juicy finish - try this chilled with oysters or ceviche or fresh goat's cheese. Susy Atkins, wine critic and writer, 24/11/2020   Domaine La Gemière Sancerre White Great vintage.  Beautiful intensity, balance of citrus and peachy fruit.  Tough to find an absolutely amazing Sancerre to blow your mind for this price, but that absolutely does the job and then some.  Hats off Amanda! 3 Wine Men 2019
  •   This new 2020 vintage is probably the last of the absolutely outstanding vintages that we will have had in the Loire Valley, and other parts of France, since 2014. 7 years of outstanding vintages is just amazing! You'll be able to tell your grandchildren about this in time. This Sancerre keeps the elegance that we all know and love so well in Sancerre and it stands to attention just like it should. 100% Sauvignon blanc grape. This is definitely a food wine for the time being. It will become smoother over the next few months. Goes really well with all fishy dishes, you know... oysters, prawns, scampi, grilled barbecued fish... It's also really gorgeous with goats cheese, ham salads, roast chicken, in fact most white meats. It's really just scrumptious!!! All our wines are unoaked. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.   La Gemiere Sancerre 2020: The new vintage of this fine Sancerre is refreshing and elegant, with plenty of lively fruit flavours, including softer melon and pear alongside crisper lemon and apple. There’s a mineral streak and just a touch of almond to it too. Bone-dry, it will suit many seafood and white fish dishes as well as lemony-dressed salads and goat’s cheese. Susy Atkins, wine critic and writer, November 2021
  • At the foothills of the Chateau of Saumur is this fantastic little appellation. It is generally considered to be the strongest in flavour of all the reds from the Loire Valley. If you have visited the area you will, without doubt, have tasted some in a restaurant or with your picnic. 100% Cabernet Franc.
    The nose is chocabloc full of late, warm summer fruits - blackberries, blackcurrants and Victoria plums. (Remember the glorious summer we had? Still in the garden in late October or even early November!!!) The flavour is plummy - rich and plummy! The structure is without doubt superb! Not too tannic, not too flimsy. Whether you drink it now or like to keep you wines for a while, you will find this just gorgeous.This medium-bodied wine will pair with Sunday roast lamb or roast beef beautifully. You'll just love it!
    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    All our wines are totally unoaked
  • Of all the rosés that I have tasted recently I must say that this one is the most pleasant in very hot weather. We have been tasting so many recently, and although I am aware that many people like an off-dry or even medium rosé, I am afraid that is not for me. Give me bone dry any day… (for those in the know, that is 0g/1L) Rosé has become really quite important in France, and I can see that this is about to happen over in the UK also. It is not just a matter of change in the climate, although I must say that very warm weather really lends itself to rosé, but in the summer… and autumn too, the flavours seem to match just about everything you want to cook on a barbecue … and more This is young and rosé needs to be young. Made 100% of the Cabernet Franc grape it is a very easy quaff at any time. It is perfumed with roses and blackcurrants. Just delightful!!! Remember all our wines are totally unoaked! Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Whistle-clean, bone-dry, refined and très elegant. Red berries mingle with a little light cassis. Enjoy it on its own or with light, cold seafood dishes. Susy Atkins, wine critic and writer
  • Yesss!!! it’s a really fresh, bone-dry white! Look no further… Made with the Chenin blanc grape variety, the first flavours are cool and refreshing and then you get my favourite flavours of Chenin… honey & pollen BUT it’s bone-dry! (For those in the know, that is 0g/1L) It’s really quite an amazing wine and undervalued at that. It easily matches all fish dishes, scampi, goats cheese and roast chicken. Actually, it is really nice with some easy quaffing tapas too! Greek mezes including taramasalata! Do you know what I mean? The tapas that are just a clam or two and some bell peppers in olive oil. Yumm! So easy! A stunning wine for Autumn evenings and drinks around the fire… dry perfection of white wine in a glass!!! All our wines are totally UNOAKED Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • I get to taste many wines. I also taste the same wines from different vintages very often. So, when I went along to the grower to taste the new wines, I did not realise that I was about to be... WOWED! It happens when there is a stream of stunning vintages. There have been 6 stunning vintages some more stunning than other, but nevertheless stunning. So, I lined up the wines and as soon as I put my nose into the glass of this wine, I just knew it would be extraordinary!!! Initially, it is honey and pollen. Bone dry. Then, when the wine hits the tastebuds, it is pure butter!!! Yes, it is rich! It is that rich!!! I'm thinking about matching it with Dover sole in a cream sauce. Vegetable gratin. Asparagus in a cream sauce. Chicken dishes, and even some lightly spiced dishes (but only lightly spiced!) A delicious glass of wine for Autumn evening and drinks around the fire... All our wines are totally UNOAKED Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


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